How to paste a vinyl sticker on glass or a plain surface

Advantages of a Vinyl Sticker 


Vinyl Stickers are completely waterproof. Also one of the biggest reasons why they are preferred over paper stickers. These stickers when dirty, can be washed by water as well. They look brand new after a wasCan be removed without any residue

Vinyl stickers if removed by blowing hot air using a hair dryer or a hot air gun, come off without any residue and do not leave any marks on the surface. A very good solution for temporary posters and can be changed without any hesitation.

Our vinyl signages come with a gloss lamination on it. This makes the stickers firm and easy to stick on plain surfaces. The best advantage of the lamination is that they can be washed using soap water or Sodium hypochlorite.

Installation of a Vinyl Sticker

1. Clean the surface with a dry cloth before applying the sticker.

2. Peel off the sticker from the liner.

3. Turn around the sticker and fold the liner.

4. Take a clean piece of cloth and stick the edge of the sticker on the surface

5. Paste it evenly to the surface by applying pressure with the help of cloth.

6. Simultaneously peel off the liner while pasting the sticker evenly.

7. The sticker should now be pasted onto the surface.

Different types of surface

1. Glass

2. Wooden Panels

3. Floor (Non carpeted flooring)

*Do not use the stickers on rough or plastered surface.



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